Integrated Green Energy Executes Term Sheet to Construct Plastics to Fuel Facility in the USA


Integrated Green Energy Limited (IGE) has executed a Term Sheet with a USA based company, GEP Fuel & Energy LLC (GEP) to Design and Construct a 1,500 tonnes per day Plastics to Fuel Facility at Port Arthur, Texas. Commencement of the Facility is anticipated by Calendar Year end 2015.

In addition to the fees receivable for the Design & Construction component of the Port Arthur, Texas Facility IGE will receive a 15 year Royalty Stream of Gross Sales and a small equity position in the US entity.

GEP will have the right to construct a further 4 Plastic to Fuel Facilities throughout the USA utilising the IGE technology under the same commercial terms as outlined above.

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IGE is leading the world to effectively convert previously non-recyclable plastics into “on-road fuels” through a proprietary conversion system with a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Interview with CEO, Bevan Dooley, and tour of facility

Investor Presentation

July 2015.

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Presentation cover

UPDATE: 4 AUG 2015



feedstock bagsIntegrated Green Energy Limited (IGE) has executed a new feedstock supply agreement, replacing the feedstock supply agreements described in the announcement of 10 April 2015. The Feedstock Agreement gives significantly more certainty to the arrangements for securing sufficient feedstock to operate IGE’s commercial waste plastic to fuel plant in Berkeley Vale, New South Wales. The contracted term is for up to 10 years, starting on 1 October 2015.

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UPDATE: A new report commissioned by NRMA Motoring and Services evaluates Australia’s liquid fuel security and the growing risks in our fuel supply chain.  Several remedial actions are suggested.

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Excerpt from the report

  • “Australians are heavily dependent on energy imports, with over 90% of domestic transport liquid fuels being sourced from imported oil or refined oil products;
  • Our transport system and, in turn, our society is almost wholly oil dependent – we are at risk if we experience supply chain interruptions or a reduction in the availability of affordable oil supplies in the future;
  • We have very small consumption stockholdings in Australia – about three weeks of total stocks of oil and refined liquid fuels”

Rather than burn fossil fuels and deplete scarce resources, we believe the solution for this ever-growing problem is in the ability to effectively gather, recycle and reuse non-biodegradable plastics into a useful, renewable energy source.

Our technology will make a significant impact in the reduction of non-recyclable plastics currently being disposed of in Landfills. The IGE conversion system features an Automated Continuous Feed Catalytic Restructuring System with a Distillation Process producing road ready synthetic fuels which allow cleaner burning and significant reductions in HC,COand SOX emissions.

Our Technology provides an environmental and cost effective alternative while producing high value low carbon intensity petroleum products.